Russian Weightlifter

    Did anyone else see her headbutt the wall after failing her lift?
    shouldn't laugh but so funny…VkM


    yea i seen it! couldnt help it but i was laughing me head off:roll::roll:



    thats hilarious, didnt even phase her

    she didnt even go back for the dummy she spat out cause she was out of the olympics.class

    felt for her - 4 years training - no gold just millions of hits on youtube

    rofllllllllllllllll !!!!:w00t:


    felt for her - 4 years training - no gold just millions of hits on youtube

    all of em have been training for years for this but i dont think the other losers will be headbutting walls because they didnt win!

    She'll be booked on a Question of Sport in 20 years time...
    Best individual moment of the Olympics so far, she deserves a medal!

    looked like a accidental bump into the wall to me after getting too emotional. Bet you guys laugh at people that fall down in the street, tut tut.


    lol i saw that, was lmao

    she carried a weight too heavy so all the blood rush made her dazed, this is a normal occurence. her coach should have known better.


    Saw it earlier on TV. Deffo an accident.
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