Ruthless Obama kills Jeff Goldblum

    Obama swats Jeff Goldblum

    The president was being interviewed by American TV news channel CNBC yesterday when he was annoyed by a persistent fly.

    The tiny creature buzzed about his head, refusing to leave even when Mr Obama tried to wave it away, saying: 'Get out of here'.

    That was the fly's first warning. When it continued to provoke the president, his focus instantly switched from interview to insect.


    Saw this on the news yesterday - had to laugh!


    Bush would have tried to eat it, or cried in a corner.

    Where were his security ?.

    Lol@ tonyg1962


    Lol@ tonyg1962

    Why not just quote?

    mr potato whats a quote?


    mr potato whats a quote?

    This.....more info here for you…tes
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