-RW DVD's - Any good deals?

    My uncle has asked me to find him a good deal for a pack of around 10 -RW (rewritable) DVD's. I don't know much about them and would appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of a good deal. He wants me to tell him tomorrow, so speed would be helpful.


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    This looks like a good deal?…594 were doing a deal for 50 dvd-rs

    maxell brand in a promotional package.

    thread is on here somewhere a few days back but i can't find it but if you do a product search on they are easy to find.
    I bought two packs @ £4.99 each incl. delivery & 4% quidco.

    If you can get to a PC World, they have ]10 Verbatim discs for £5.99

    what do you wanna know about RW DVD? Think u need to find out if it's + (plus) or -(minus). ie 'DVD+RW' or 'DVD-RW'. It probably doesnt matter so much if you use PCs but some DVD drives they are a bit particular about the + and -. Also the faster the writing speed (8x versus 4x) the more expensive it gets. Also depends on brands I guess, some more reliable than others. some people swear by sony or by the g05 dye.…ble)…ble)
    Quidco 3% back.…tml…tml
    Quidco 5%, free delivery too.


    Re: Quidco 5%, free delivery

    Is it only FREE delivery if your a Quidco Member?

    Just been on the site and i don't see no FREE delivery

    Also don't you have to pay to be a member at Quidco?

    quidco is a cashback scheme.…22/

    free delivery is for certain items ... was on website, not associated with quidco. look on the 1st column, under the bigmaggot logo. i havent bought from that site yet (so far only from svp or which i can't fault for my shopping experience with them).

    quidco - it's £5 annual fee but only if you earn more than £5, it will be deducted. i think that's fair then it means the scheme works for you first.
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