ryan air - changing names/details on flights?

    anyone know how and how much to change the names on the flights etc? and what other issues there may be?



    its like £80 per flight apparently... but not 100% on this

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    EH serious? lol the flights were like 25 inc for both returns...

    £28 i think.

    Probably cheaper to re-book them.

    put it this way its not cheap


    Probably cheaper to re-book them.

    It is

    I went to dublin for 2p last august wanted to change to the next later flight on my return day.

    They wanted £28.

    I checked the re-book and it'd cost suprise suprise 2p.

    Too much hassle anyway so I just got the normal flight home.

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    just i dont think i can go and was gonna give them to my mam

    £95 online and £142.50 at airport it should be.…GES
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