Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) What of Deadpool???

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Found 12th Jul 2009
Exactly what the title says, he looks the part, and im mighty excited but what of my Deadpool lol???


There never was a Deadpool movie. I think Reynolds was just quoted as saying he would be up for one. The Merc isn't popular enough and Wolverine underperformed.

Personally I think a GL movie will be dreadful. CG is the only way to do it and CGI ruins films.


the only superhero movies worth watching are those that are not aimed at kids.
batman 1
batman begins and the dark knight

watchmen is very clever and well directed (a ittle to long) and ironman is middle ground its funny and well done but not the same league as the others


please dont say heath ledger was the best ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever

my opinion is the dark knight is wayyyyy over rated and boring.

watchmen was a waste of my cinema money

micheal keaton batmans were ace :thumbsup:

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Yer Keaton was good, and Nicholson as the Joker was awesome!

I liked the Watchmen, shame about the ending, but normal folk wouldnt get the squid lol.

If Warner make it a 15 then it could be good, obviously if the script is there.

But I was excited to see Deadpool 4th wall it, what of it now ? ? ?


"..hmm stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high protein diet, dreams...can come true"

best line in the wolverine movie! only ryan reynolds could pull that off.

Interesting to see the way he plays Hal Jordan, thought maybe Deadpool was a better fit for his style of acting
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