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Hi could someone please help me, i booked a return flight to dublin from prestwick i.e., for 2 £20 in total plus £20 charges, my daughter and boyfriend cannot go, can i cancel and get any money back. if yes please advise how to do this. Thank you in advance

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Hi, sorry but the simple answer is no you will not get a refund or indeed any cash back.

if you go to their website, it should say something about refunds in terms, if you can that is

This text off their website explains what is would cost to alter names etc on the flight so as you will see it is not worth it :

Flight dates, times and routes are changeable (subject to seat availability). If booked online the rate of £25/€25 per one way flight/per person applies or if booked at an airport or reservation centre the rate of £55/€55 per one way flight /per person applies. In addition, to these flight change fees, any price difference between the original total price paid and the lowest total price available at the time of the flight change is charged. Please note that if the total price on the new flight is lower, no refund will be made.
Flight changes (subject to seat availability) can be made up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time either online or via a reservation centre (subject to opening hours). Internet/web only fares cannot be booked when flight changes are made through an airport or reservation centre. No flight changes can be made to a reservation once a passenger has checked in for a flight.
A passenger name can be changed online at the rate of £100/€100 or via the airport or reservation centre at the rate of £150/€150. Name changes can be made up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time either online or via a reservation centre (subject to opening hours. Any name change made to a flight reservation must be for that individual passenger’s complete flight itinerary.
ELV cannot be accepted, on line, as payment for flight or name changes. Passengers wishing to pay for a change a flight or name change using ELV should contact the German reservations department on 0190 170 100 (calls cost €0.62 per minute). ELV payments can only be accepted up to 10 days prior to the flight departure. Web fares/discounts apply.

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thank :thumbsup you all for your help :thumbsup:
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