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    Hi everyone

    Apologies in advance if this thread is not meant for here.

    Looking to book up for Malaga for end of June and being new to the Ryanair scene, is it best to book now or nearer the time (Glasgow to Malaga). I have seen quite a few deals over the last few years to pop up on here but given this is the summer holiday season, what would you recommend me doing?

    Thanks in advance


    Have a look at Skyscanner to search for the best deals on all the airlines.

    Book now.... I made the mistake of waiting nearer and the prices go up as only a few seats are left at that time. Don't risk it.

    Best book now, but use Skyscanner to search for the best deal on all the airlines (not just Ryanair).

    With easyJet I'd always booked well ahead , ryanair tends to have high priced early on then drop them, it's a fine balance I usually buy when I'm happy at the price or no other choice ,
    Cheap prices a month before the flight tends to show they have a empty plane

    check out this site which should help alot,

    I've only ever seen flights go up closer to the date.
    In the past I tried waiting and it seemed to go up by £20 a day on a flight to eygpt.


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    Thanks everyone

    Cheapest prices are usually booked 5 to 7 weeks before departure
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