Ryanair - Buy extra luggeage when booking flight or afterwards?

Posted 4th Mar 2023 (Posted 18 h, 58 m ago)
Hi All,

When booking a flight on Ryanair, do you/ buy the extra luggage when booking flight or afterwards?

Is it cheaper with or afterwards?

Thank you
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  1. hovesoul's avatar
    A lot cheaper to pay when you book.
  2. senukas's avatar
    Always cheaper when booking
  3. Eden0032's avatar
    But not on the first screen of the booking. Wait until you get to the screen after as it gives you more options and some are cheaper than the priority boarding with overhead space and 2 bags etc.
    MarioMan's avatar
    Which screen is that? I just need the basic extra of baggage allowance of one hand luggage
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