ryanair - entropay watch out !!

    on various ryanair bargain offers entropay has been mentioned as a good way of saving on fees as its card goes through as visa electron . be wary !! i was charged £ 2.50 for not using it again for six months and for each month thereafter . you then get charged £ 3 for cancelling your card !!

    £8 fees for one purchase !!


    visa electron doesnt work with ryanair anymore anyways.

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    yeah, i just discovered that.

    i bet a few folk have been stung by entropay though in the past

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    Does this apply to the virtual card or mastercard or both?

    edit: How do you cancel?

    whoa I did not know what I hope I dont get charged!


    it will be detailed in the terms and conditions - you know - the ones you sign up to when you get the card?


    visa electron doesnt work with ryanair anymore anyways.

    is there any type of card you can use now then which will not incur charges?…php

    I don't see any mention of those fees here?

    Presumably the cost to "cancel" your card was returning funds to your funding source?

    Link below says there are no monthly fees.…php
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