Ryanair free payment migrating from Visa Electron to MasterCard Prepaid

    As has been raised many times on here, Ryanair (and others) offer a "no Debit Card fee" for payment with a Visa Electron card, and load on the £ fees for any other payment method (despite the banks saying a retailer debit card charge is measured in pence per transaction and a couple of % for credit card).

    Ryanair have announced a change of cards with the Zero charge - see the news story on the Ryanair site itself - as linked.

    I found it first on the Daily Mail Travel Mail website which quoted Ryanair as saying:
    'Passengers can use their MasterCard Prepaid cards to pay for Ryanair flights from December 1, while our Visa Electron promotion comes to an end on December 31.'

    The current fees position on Ryanair site (ie until midnight tonight)
    "Visa Electron - As a special offer to Visa Electron card holders, Ryanair, for a limited period only, will not apply a Debit Card charge"
    Otherwise "Payment Handling Fee - Per passenger/ Per One Way Flight" = £5/5.

    Then for December it'll be both Visa Electron and MasterCard Prepaid free.
    Then from January only MasterCard Prepaid.

    Thought I should alert people, especially those tempted to take out an ongoing Visa Electron card (which was a tip recently).

    Here's a couple of links for MasterCard UK about their Prepaid cards too:…tml…tml




    Moved to MISC as this is payment information rather than a specific deal on a flight etc, thanks

    Original Poster

    Well I think the deal is - get a MasterCard Prepaid card - instead of Visa Electron - to save £5/€5 per person per flight

    Don't these cards cost £5 per month or £1 per transaction!?

    Wouldn't be surprised if Mastercard pay Ryanair a commission on every transaction done by Prepaid Mastercard.

    Ryanair are actually launching their own card - which is why the change is happening.
    Although I've only had a brief search for a decent prepaid Mastercard, they seem to be much more expensive than Entropay. Often including an initial charge, plus monthly charges and charges per transaction as well as per top up!
    MoneySavingExpert suggests this one -…065

    But there is a minimum £100 top up.

    Anyone using/used Euro prepaid Master Card? Is it any good?
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