Ryanair Group Bookings??

Found 19th Dec 2013
Looking to book 14 people onto a Ryanair flight in April.

Seeing that the price increases when I search for more than 3 people on the booking and then again after 10 so that we all pay the same price instead of an average price, is booking in smaller numbers a better option (i.e a 3, a 7 then a 4)? Or will it shoot up beyond the average price further down the line? i.e When I'm booking the last lot on will I be paying more than the average price on there now?

Am I better ringing them? Despite having the worst customer service I've experienced in a long while.
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You call.. More seats they sell the higher the prices per seat are..

You could split book it but you run the risk of a further hike in the event of the seats going up.

I did a 4 person group booking some time back but did it on 2 laptops side by side, and got 2 cheap fares rather than 2x cheap and 2x 40% more.....

It worked that time....
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