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    hi help anyone me my wife and two kids have booked with ryaniar to milan and travel tom we have already completed the online check in but want to take 2 child booster seats i have tried to add them onto the booking but unable to do so ie time nad already checked in i have tries the help line but when i choose the option it just gives a premum rate number to ring at £1 a minute !!!! can we just turn up at ema tom and add them to the flight as we are not checking in any luggage and have opted for online check in and speedy boarding so can i just walk up to a desk and check them in please advise if anyone knows


    I think you would need to check in at the airport to be able to do this. They won't just let you check in the infant seats. Not sure if you would all need to check in or they would let one of you in which case it would only cost you one airport check in fee and one priority boarding fee. You have to pay a charge to check in infant equipment, not sure what it is at the mo (as everytime I look it has gone up again!) but if you have a bag that you can put both seats in you might get away with paying only one charge? If you want to call the help line number go through to the option that asks if you want to make a new flight booking - when you get through to someone they will normally speak to you. I've never had any problems doing this. Good luck.

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    thanks will give a go

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    you can hire a booster in milan airport at the car rental place but for a whopping 39 euros per seat!!! when you can buy them for a fiver!! so thought it would be cheaper to take them with us does anyone know if there is a cheaper option ie buying one somewhere right next to the berhamo aiport etc...and cost to buy etc... in italy as this could be an option please help if you know anywhere as we go tom !!!

    i had this prob too. we are going to ireland in may. i've booked in a bag to take my 2 daughters car seats,if you take them separate you pay per baby item.
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