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    Hello there,

    I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help or not, but it's worth a try anyway.

    My friends and I hoped to fly to Riga from Bristol on Dec 5th, returning 8th. We found some good prices earlier in the week allowing us to go for £20 return (inc taxes). This deal seemed still available yesterday lunchtime and my friend who found the deal seemed to think it was an offer that lasted until midnight (I'm not entirely sure on that part).

    When he went to book for us last night the price had risen to £90 each!

    Having not booked with Ryanair before, I was wondering if the price will stay that high (or higher) as the cheap rate only applies to the first X number of people or whether it might drop again? I'm surprised it's gone up by so much so long before the flights.

    A long shot I know!


    I think you'll find it will stay high. I think that once a number of seats are sold at the cheaper price they then put it up. sorry

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    ryain air have promotions and special offers on all the time. we booked to go to spain and the prices for 2 adults and 2 kids went from almost £500 down to £150 and back again in the space of 10 days then the £5 promo came and we got the same flights for £10 each return (excluding extra chrages for bags and airport check in etc) now they are back up to £730 ryan air are a law unto themselves you are best to book when you see that its cheap and not hang around as the prices will go back up again and you can never be sure that they will come back down.

    Your friend probably mis-read the prices as they are £19.99 ecl of taxes etc. When you go to book it then adds the fuel surcharge and taxes etc

    Prices can change in minutes on low cost airline websites. I managed to get flights to Riga last December for £20 inclusive. If you do decide to go you will love it. :thumbsup:

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    ok, thanks for your advice everyone, I'll keep my eyes peeled just in case.

    I think the price of the seats get higher when the seats start selling out.

    E.G. If you book early you get the cheaper deals, if you leave it late the price will have shot away up,

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    The price came down again yesterday and we booked at £30 return.
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