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    Bought my flights to tenerife, and return, just booked in online and printed my baording card for the outward journey, but thats all it offered me, the return one was not mentioned. Do i have to check in again with the same confirmation number and print the card again? Just a bit worried cos i have heard about this company trying to get money out of people.


    You probably booked in too early or your return flight is just outside the book in time (two weeks I think).

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    oh pap, but the distance between the flights is three weeks! Oh no!


    oh pap, but the distance between the flights is three weeks! Oh no!

    If you can get to a computer while your are away then you'll be able to print the return of the check in. I'd advise this as I think they charge now if you just appear at check in desk. I have done this in an Internet Cafe.

    Online check in is available from 15 days up until 4 hours before your flight(s). You will need to find an internet cafe or similar with a printer at your destination in said time period.

    make sure that while away you go to some internet cafe or something to print off the return boarding passes as otherwise they will charge you a lot (i think £40.- now) for check-in.

    Hotels are used to this now and are happy (at least in our experience) to let you use their computer to check in and to print off.
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