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Found 7th Feb 2018
Anyone know when Ryanair are next likely to have a sale?

Waiting in hope that they may slash some early July flights
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If you’re enquiringly about their flash sales I find that they only really discount the routes that have multiple departures the same day to cities aimed at business people rather than holiday destinations such as Alicante that they only fly to once or perhaps twice a day that are mainly used by families.
Best to check flights on a daily basis as they often go up or down throughout the week depending on the numbers visitingthe website.
Thanks, however we are just looking for a cheap break from Stanstead departing on July 12 until the 15th. So we are pretty much open to where we decide to go. At the moment the cheapest flights are Palma which are £117 return, which seems a little harsh considering the month before they are about £60

We was also looking at Lisbon however these are £200, again quite expensive considering it’s during term time

I am keeping an eye on Skyscanner each day in the hope that they fluctuate downwards
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Just had a quick look on Ryanair for the dates you suggested and agree that week does seem to price jump quite a lot to all destinations.Could you possibly change the dates at all ?
For example Sun 8/7 to fri 13/7 comes in around £79 return to Alicante then you could visit Benidorm and stay at the Solana
There will no doubt be further sales released with much fanfare!
In my experience they won't be for July and the prices available now will stay the same or increase by a few pounds over the coming months. I've found Ryanair quite expensive for peak season flights compared to easyJet recently.
Good luck... Don't fret over a few pounds at the expense of a good holiday, at £120 return it's still likely to be the cheapest part of your trip.
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For 12/7-15/7 the best I can find with Ryanair from Stansted is to Milan (or thereabouts)with ok flight times at £85 return.
Thanks for looking, don’t fancy Milan, bit to poncy for me

Think our biggest challenge is that we come back on a Sunday which always ramps the return leg up 😡

Gonna look at accommodation today in Portal Nous so we get the best of both worlds, can have 2 days as a beach holiday and 2 days exploring the city of Palma which looks amazing
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Happy Holidays
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