Ryanair to charge £10 to print your own boarding pass

    Budget airline Ryanair has announced it will charge customers £10 for printing their own boarding passes.

    Bristol International Airport's second largest carrier is also doubling baggage charges from £5 to £10 per piece of luggage for each flight from next week.

    The extra charges comes as the Dublin-based company moves to abolish check-in desks in favour of online ticketing.

    The carrier currently flies to 30 different destinations from Lulsgate 10 fewer than rival Easyjet but will raise the number to 33 by the summer.

    It is renowned for advertising low fares with some flights even listed as being free but also for its add-on charges to customers.
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    From next Thursday anyone booking a seat online will be required to print their own tickets using their own computer and pay a £5 check-in charge for doing so making a £10 surcharge for a return flight.

    A barcode is then produced after checking in online and is verified by Ryanair when passengers arrive at the airport for their flight.

    Any customer who forgets to bring their ticket with them will have to fork out for a £40 'boarding card re-issue fee' on arrival at their designated airport.

    The new fee policy replaces Ryanair's previous practice of offering free online ticketing and charging £10 for anyone who opted for face-to-face check-in.

    Ryanair says the only exceptions will be on tickets offered at fee-included prices of £5 or less.

    The airline has also announced it will no longer accept bookings for unaccompanied passengers under the age of 16 years from today.

    All new bookings will require passengers including infants and domestic flight passengers to hold a valid passport or valid national identity card.

    Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said the airline hoped to shut down all of its traditional check-in desks at 146 airports by October 1 but quicker if possible.

    However, the firm will keep staffing desks to collect people's checked-in bags as well as payments from passengers arriving without their printed-out tickets.

    He said the new system will lower the airline's costs and allow it to drop prices by next winter.

    Restrictions on Ryanair's on-line ticketing system mean that customers booking more than 15 days before their flight, or within four hours of one, will be unable to print out tickets immediately. People booking in advance common since Ryanair's cheapest deals often are offered months ahead will have to revisit the website nearer the time of their trip.



    Original Poster

    I wonder if we can charge them for the paper and ink used :x

    Title confused me; made it seem that there is an additional charge on top of the introduction of the £5 online check in fee per leg.

    Already reported ]here.

    They are cheap flights though when you consider other airlines - I bet they'll still work out cheap
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