Ryanair + Trying to Use Prepaid Mastercard = Me ?£*?£?* at the computer HELP HELP HELP

I am trying to purchase 2 adult one way flights in August but do not want to use my debit card as i do not want to be charged £5 per person just to pay for flight tickets. So i went a go myself an online Mastercard Pre Paid Card with Neteller to try and get past these silly fees.

I signed up to the card and funded it and tried to buy the ticket with the card details provided online about 10 times now from last night to now and still it comes up with this message from the Ryanair website

Payment Error

Your card payment could not be processed because of one of the following reasons:

1. You have mistyped the card number or missed out some of the digits. Please go back to the previous (Payment) page and re-enter the card number again.
2. The card type you have specified (e.g. Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron) does not match the card number supplied. Please go back to the previous (Payment) page and check that the card type selected is correct.
3. You have incorrectly entered the Card Number into the Cardholders Name box. Please go back to the previous (Payment) page and re-enter the Card Number in the correct box.
4. You have incorrectly entered the Cardholders Name into the Card Number box. Please go back to the previous (Payment) page and re-enter the Cardholders Name in the correct box.

Click this button to return to the Payment page.

I am starting to get very ANNOYED with it! Just to buy some tickets!

Help asap would be fantastic to see why this is happening. If someone can buy these tickets for me using a prepaid master card that would be great as i am getting very annoyed with both sites!



Do they accept a pre-paid Mastercard as a payment method?

I think they only accept Visa Electron

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No they stopped accepting Electron as a free payment. They only free one now is via Prepaid Mastercard

You can use a pre paid mastercard, from what I read on moneysavingexpert. Have a look on there, it tells you how to beat the budget airlines, at there own game.

It isn't worth all the grief. Just take the hit.

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Yeah i know, but takes time to get a prepaid mastercard from the supplier. I tried to get the online version but for some reason Ryanair does not accept Neteller's online pre paid mastercard being just that and won't accept it!

I am getting a friend to get the tickets for me instead hopefully. As i know the tickets are cheap but i don't like how you kind of paying extra to just pay!

Well Ryan air are bunch of Fing conning B****! Anyway, lets hope hes business model will fall flat on it's face, soon or later!

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Got my prepaid mastercard so hopefully it works!

if not i booked ryanair flights with travelrepublic.co.uk same flights as on the ryanair web using my credit card travel republic only charged me £7.50! result
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