Ryanair - wrong title added when booking flight ! Advice please...

Posted 20th Oct 2015
I have just realised that I have made a flight booking for next week and have booked my 12 year old son in as a Mr rather than a Master! Help! Is this going to cost me to change?
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I dont think anyone would care really. As long as name and date of birth is correct. If it was me, I wouldnt change it.
Should be OK. He is male and therefore a mister.
This won't be an issue. They are more concerned that the name matches. The gate staff will check to see if passport name matches the ticket, if visa is required and if your bag is the correct size. Then the cabin crew member when you board will check your ticket to make sure you're on the correct flight and seat number.


It'll be fine. Have a lovely holiday.
That's fine. The boarding pass doesn't even include your title when you print them out.

People have still flown after putting the wrong sex as the title i.e. Mrs instead of Mr.

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BY putting in master the only difference will be when you check in online there will be a pop up about the aviation tax not being applicable up to the age of 12 etc, also it will only let you put in date of births going back to around 2000 thus ensuring that adults are not booking in as children. If you'd put in Master instead of Mr then you would have to change the booking.
Won't make a difference as my wife's had Mr on her boarding pass when we went away in August and never had any issues. (She is a female BTW)
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