Groups tickets seem to be free by the look of the homepage?

    are these really free? can someone tell me how it works and if they`v used ryanair before. Cheers


    they probably are until they add all the surcharges and taxes on

    went to dublin from gatwick on the 1p flights in april. they charged £1 per person each way for the 5 of us using a maestor card but if you have a visa electron card you don't get charged the fee. also if you want to got to some other countries you get charged airport tax's & also get charged for luggage if not hand luggage

    If you fill in the details on the their home page of where/when you want to go you can go through quite a few steps before having to pay and so will get a total price on your hol.

    Free stuff are free for tickets but then you add on tax (most I've seen £15+), then if you want to bring extra hold luggage that's another £8 for the first bag and you can't go through online checkin for checking in luggage so that's £4. Then you get the charges on your card if you don't use visa electron or websites such as TerminalA. (I paid £2.40 per person for using Maestro booking to Norway).

    But then there are the different offers (classed as Special) it will say on the first search results page NO TAX or TAX INCLUDED something like tha t- those are the real bargains.

    Moneysavingexpert has a good page for explaining 1p flights:…unt
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