Ryaniar reliability

    Now i've heard a great deal of horror storys about Ryanair.
    but how reliable are they when it comes to flights, timings and cancellations.

    We are off out to europe and looking at coming back between say the 3rd and the 6th.
    We can fly back pretty much any day for £100.

    However if we fly from Trieste on the 6th to Bristol it is only a 5 Euro flight (+ taxes etc but not enough to take us near £100)

    My issue is it is the first day of my new job on the 7th. if that flight gets cancelled im pretty much up poo creek sans paddle.

    can anyone shed any light or ideas?


    I have used them a fair few times, always been very punctual for me..:thumbsup:

    They are the best by far - don't worry about it you will be fine. I use them 10+ times per year & they are virtually always on time or early :thumbsup:


    Like you, I had heard many horror stories of flying with Ryanair, so I was a bit dubious about travelling with them, especially since it was for my birthday trip to Dublin. However the cheap flight prices won me over in the end and I can honestly say they were fantastic to fly with, we had no problems. The cabin crew were very friendly and the service was excellent, so please don't worry. It's like many things nowadays, the horror stories are all that are ever projected at us, no one ever seems to highlight the good. Hope this helps

    never had any probs at all flew with them tons


    ok unless you dont become one of their stranded passengers! You have heard horror stories because they are true. They're fine until anything goes wrong

    e.g. 100 passengers left stranded in poland for 4 days etc etc…oq=

    also, only 11 check=in desks open for 255 flights on saturday!

    Posted on: August 4th, 2009 by Robert Bergerson

    Hundreds of passengers who were trying to board flights at ]Stansted Airport at the weekend were left behind by their plane after staff failed to check in luggage in time. The low-cost airline Ryanair, had just 11 bag drop desks opened for 255 flights on Saturday, which was meant to be one of the busiest days of the year.
    As queues for Ryanair went right out through the main doors tensions began to rise with some irate customers and police were called in to calm the matters.…tml
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