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Posted 22nd Jun
as a new ryobi owner I have limited batteries and I was wondering where the best places to get a decent size ryobi battery from would be? 4ah or a 5ah?

many thanks in advance!
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Amazon have offers. Add Ryobi to the alert section here so you don't miss when they come up.
A couple of years ago I bought some non genuine 4ah batteries (the max available then) from ebay for approx £20 each - they've been great, don't think I've ever have them run out on me.

Looking now looks like you can get 2x 4ah batteries for £35 whereas the 5ah are nearer to £50 for 2. I'd go for something like these.... ebay.co.uk/itm…cKP
Amazon have a non genuine 2.5mah battery in the warehouse for £10.77, like new. I have a 5.0mah which looks the same, it seems as good as the original, lasts ages. I was going to buy the 2.5mah but the reviews don't seem great, I'm not sure if I need another battery really. Search on amazon for B07QPTNG9P and you'll see it.
Unless you are a pro and need to use the tool all day you wont need a battery that size. I've got a 1.5ah for my Bosch and it lasts a very long time just doing diy jobs.
Cheers for comments guys much appreciated, I have considered the non ryobi batteries but heard bad reviews also but maybe worth a punt considering it's like a 3rd of the price!!

The bigger the batterey the more power it generates for them harder/thicker jobs from what I've seen anyway

Thanks again guys
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