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Posted 17th Jun
Hi just wondered what you think would be best. I want an s10+ but unsure as the best way to go about it, in terms am I getting ripped off etc. I've seen this pay monthly deal which is about the best I can find for my price budget of in the mid 30's


However I've seen a s20+ in pristine condition for £395 on 4 gadgets, I could couple that with a 02 sim 10gb for £10 month, I currently use about 8 to 9gb on average. Is it worth paying the extra £240 over the 2 years to get the contract, is the £864 a decent deal??

Any advice would be appreciated. My current contract is up mid July.
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its always best buy the phone rather paying for phone for 24months just get sim deal if you use 10gb some networks are doing 12gb for £10 you would save loads of money buying sim free phone then just pay for sim only always shop around no its not worth paying all that money on top
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