S10 Screen Protector (Fingerprint sensor friendly)

Posted 15th Apr

Can anyone recommend a good screen protector where the fingerprint sensor still works?

I am aware of Whetstone Dome, but was wondering whether there are any other good ones out there at cheaper prices.

Happy with recommendation for both tempered and film protectors

Thanks in advance
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The S10 comes pre-applied with a film screen protector. Assuming yours has been removed the original Samsung one can be procured from Mobile Fun. Currently out of stock and is quite dear but is guaranteed to work with fingerprint scanner.

The only tempered glass one is as you point out the Whetstone Dome. Amazon is rife of cheap knock offs and poor quality wet applied protectors. They do not work well at all.
Yep s10 already as a screen protector.
I got one for mine off amazon but it only grips on the edges and the finger print reader area is different to the rest of the protector. Can be off putting.
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