S20 Deals any recommendations please

Posted 18th Feb
Hi gang, does anyone know of any good deals for the new Samsung S20 phone - Its time I upgraded my iPhone 6 , I know that John Lewis offer a two year guarantee with their phones. I’m looking to buy this sim free. Thank you in advance
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I think waiting and buying direct from Samsung is the better choice for a few reasons, but only if you want it within the first month, since from what I've seen they drop in price after the first month, price is normally higher because of hype but once other cheaper flagship alternatives come out slightly drops.

Anyways reason I would say buy from Samsung, is simply because of their trade your old 0-value phone offer, if they offer it for their s20 you could save £200, Plus all Samsung come with 2 year warranty anyways which covers the basic faults. Honestly I would buy from amazon, because of their no-hassle return policy if I am unhappy with the phone.

Considering its a samsung and their design isn't new I think it'll be a good phone with no faults. Amazon already had it on preorder for £799. Not sure if its still there. I'm personally waiting for the oneplus 8, since I can't go without snapdragon
Thank you for that detailed answer , I’m in no rush and just need to upgrade my phone slick4tech
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