Posted 26th Nov 2022 (Posted 9 h, 6 m ago)
Morning people long time lover of android my s21 ultra is in the last month of contract im looking to upgrade now as my battery is slowing dying

I fancy moving to apple and have been looking at the 14plus ... I want a big phone as I watch alot of films etc
My question is

Is the 14 plus a big upgrade ? I know the s23etc are around the corner

But I'm really tempted to try ios

Any helpfull comments would be great

HAve a great day
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    With the s23 having snap dragon CPUs supplied to the UK this time, I'd be getting an s23 ultra but obviously if you specifically want to try iOS then don't expect a huge upgrade, phones don't change much these days, it's just a money making exercise to release yearly for idiots like me, can't wait to swap from my cracked s22 to s23 (edited)
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    If you have any purchased apps, you need to buy them again on iOS.
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