s7 edge android system battery drain help

Found 30th Dec 2016
Hi my s7 edge is draining battery due to android system all the time Is there anyway to resolve this?
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yes. Although I doubt it is the android system per say. What the battery stats are telling you is that the android system is being kept awake by some utility you arE using. The source could be literally anything so youll need to run through a process of elimination.

For example, one option could be that you live in an area with poor signal or a lot of wave pattern interference. What this does is cause the mobile chipset to constantly search for a mobile signal rather than lock on to the strongest signal from the nearby cell towers. This manifests as "android system" battery drain as the phone constantly attempts to connect / reconnect to the cell tower preventing the soc sleeping etc.

Another could be that some process of some application is running and using the core android functions. Knox is notorious for this

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remove downloaded apps and add slowly to find culprit.

remove downloaded apps and add slowly to find culprit.

Wouldn't one at a time and then checking whether the issue has been resolved be faster?
I have the same issue.
Could be anything as lot of services come under android system. But try flicking settings off the recents list, then check if the percentage for android system starts dropping, periodically. Remember to flick off settings again after checking.
Restart, clear cache

95% will fix issue
Somethings stuck from a recent update.
I've had the same issue on my LG g5 since it updated to android 7.
vr or oculus if u have anything to do with these then they are the source
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Restart, clear cache95% will fix issue

I've cleared the cache and factory rested many times doesn't seem to make any difference ​
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vr or oculus if u have anything to do with these then they are the source

​i used to use vr but not anymore have uninstalled it
I'm charging my LG g4 mobile twice a day too.
pretty fed up, so iv bought a full fast charger from Amazon, £6.99 on daily deals. it's called Anker, iv bought 2 others but we're fake so be careful if you ever want one.
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