s7 edge pink line???

    I'm going to order s7edge or s8. S7e obviously cheaper (around £14pm less) but I keep seeing comment about pink lines. How serious is this and is it something Samsung will have sorted on s7e on sale now? Thanks for any replies


    Yes had it on my S6 edge, it is very common. it is annoying but you can live with it. Normally goes away if you press on "g" at the top of "Samsung". The only way to fix it is a replacement screen with is £££

    2 out of 3 people I know with the S7 edge have this problem - 1 is resolved by pressing the screen, the other isnt.
    Possibly could live with it, but wouldn't want to.
    None can confirm cause - no recognisable knocks/bumps etc

    never had a prob with my s7 edge......... shouldn't have said that........

    Get the S7 Flat. Not heard of anyone having the problem. It's probably to do with the fact the screen is curved.

    I have an S6 with really bad screen burn at the top. Samsung are making me very sad.

    Got Both ,never had it

    Don't worry to much about it, seems like Samsung think of everything... even 'self-cremating phones'.…mp/

    Had it on s7 edge replaced under warranty
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