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Found 10th Nov 2016
I'm trying to find a good screen protector for my S7 edge. I have bought 3 different ones now and they all make the screen lose sensitivity so just wondering if anybody has had some luck with a specific one.


Hello, I've used the screen protector from amazon. Its pretty good. I've been using it for a month with no problems.


I've given up with the screen protector and gone for a tough case with higher edge to protect the screen. I did have the CaseMate tough case with a screen protector, but after a drop, the protector shattered and the screen had some dead pixels but no obvious damage. Put the phone face down with a strip of paper under the screen, then see if the paper moves freely. If it doesn't you've got the wrong case !

The edge is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to getting a screen protector and a case to play nicely together - I must have tried about 7 different ones trying to find one that would work with a case without the edges of the protector lifting up etc and they never seemed to last more than a couple of weeks at best. In the end I discovered a great case on Amazon which sort of sandwiches the phone between two seperate parts and now it's no longer an issue at all as any screen protector is securely held on.

I just bought a bump case for my wifes S7, screens nowadays are quite scratch resistant. So far the screen has been fine.

Try the yootech screen protector - best I have found and compatible with cases but not glass.

I used liquid glass
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