S7 price increase?!

    Hey up, looking at the best contract S7 deals. I've just cancelled my contract and am on monthly sim and ready to buy. However, I've noticed the most competitive deal has actually risen in price! It was £9.99 upfront but has risen by £10! Should I continue to wait for a slight price drop or bite now before the prices rise again? This is beginning to stress me out!! Ideally I want to get a new phone in the next two months.…TA=


    It's a tenner get some quid on and make back to 9.99 just go for it

    Phone up and haggle the price, that's what I did when the s7 was first released,

    If it was me I would haggle and get the phone with no upfront cost at all.

    Why are you stressing? Its 10 quid.

    Prices started to go down when the S8 was due, but as the price was so high the S7 went back up again
    My Mrs is in a similar quandary

    For the sake of a tenner I would wait.

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    Why are you stressing? Its 10 quid.

    ​I'm not stressing about the £10. More thinking that if that price increase is an indication of a bigger price rise. If in the next few days contracts on the S7 rise to around £30 a month (like most of flagships / previous flagships) I'll definitely have to look elsewhere.

    And I thought this website is about good deals? So saving money, even a tenner, is surely the name of the game?!
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