S.A.D Machine

    Morning Folks,

    Looking for one of these machines / alarm clocks that apparently help the poor souls who have Seasonal Affected Disorder. I remember not wanting to get out of bed and go to school because it was cold, I was tired and it was only school - had I known then that I could have had a disorder, my sick day count would have been through the roof.

    Anyway, I have been asked to get a couple of these as gifts for family members. I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has seen a decent deal or can recommend a good brand for this kind of product.



    I think they are called Gentle Alarms....they are horrendously expensive!

    S.A.D? I call it being British. Nobody wants to get out of bed in the winter -

    bed = warm = good
    out of bed = cold = work = money

    It's a tough call...

    boots do a cheaper version. i have one and i don't think its that good.

    I you get a note from your your doctor you can get the vat (17.5%) taken off the price.

    sickly sweet;3156600

    I you get a note from your your doctor you can get the vat (17.5%) taken … I you get a note from your your doctor you can get the vat (17.5%) taken off the price.

    cool fact. how do you know this?

    does the shop take vat off or do you have to claim it back?

    I'm not entirely sure. I was bored waiting for my doctor and in the waiting room they had leaflets about the Phillips SAD mahines and some others and I notced that they said you get 17.5% (the vat) off. I think you need to send off direct to Phillips or whoever, or send your receipt back for a refund, I can't quite remember, sorry. Maybe worh browsing the philips website, I'll have a look for you later aswell, see if I can find the leaflet.

    I have the leaflet infront of me, it has a part saying VAT Exemtion certificate. The leafet is specifically advertising Phillips HF 3305 but in the exemption certificate bit says that I 'claim relief from VAT under group 12 of the schedule 8 to the Value Added Tax Act 1994.' You have to declare you are suffering from SAD, but definately able to claim VAT off (at point of purchase by the looks of things).
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