Sad sad story

    On hearing that her elderly grandad had died,
    Katie went to see her 94 year old grandmother.
    When Katie asked her grandmother how he had died,
    She replied " He had a heart attack during sunday morning sex"
    Katie was aghast to hear that her grandparents were risking there lives by having sex!
    "Oh no" said gran.
    " We do it to the sound of the church bells, Nice and slow, In on ding, and out on dong" she replied.
    She paused to wipe a tear from her eye.
    "He would still be alive now if it were not for the fcuking ice cream van coming around"!!!!


    just weird if u ask me, funny but weird



    just weird if u ask me, funny but weird

    I'd just say dull and boring.


    I'd just say dull and boring.

    i was trying to be kind:thumbsup:

    don't know why but assumed Katie was a child lol

    The joke made me chuckle OP - thanks for taking the time to post, you can't please everyone

    My kids grandparents are all in the early 60's. We didn't start having children til we were 30 - so that means that our kids would be 40 when my parents get to 94!
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