Saddam's been sentenced

    Can't believe they're going to lynch Saddam: -……stm


    [* Saddam Hussein , former Iraqi president: death by hanging
    [* Awad Hamed al-Bander , Chief Judge of Revolutionary Court: death by hanging
    [* Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti , Saddam Hussein's half-brother: death by hanging
    [* Taha Yasin Ramadan , Iraqi vice-president: life sentence
    [* Abdullah Kadhem Ruaid Senior Baath official: 15 years
    [* Abdullah Rawed Mizher , Senior Baath official: 15 years
    [* Ali Daeem Ali , Senior Baath official: 15 years


    Cant believe that!

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    Morning Jo. Do you have a post-birthday hangover?

    :giggle: no i havent :giggle: im quite good holding my drink
    Thanks for the concern :thumbsup:

    I didn't know any states still had hanging as a form of death penalty, well, besides Mississippi.

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    He was sentenced in Baghdad X10 so the death sentence was always a possibility...

    Eep... on Guy Fawkes night too. :-( I guess they don't have that over there. Yet.

    Hanging's to good for the idiot.

    Hang him by his balls!

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    Hang him by his balls!

    LOL! .

    Hehe, we know who the female dog is on the forum :-D

    Hanging by the man bag is the ultimate in cruelty! Ouch, makes your eyes water just thinking about it!


    He was sentenced in Baghdad X10 so the death sentence was always a … He was sentenced in Baghdad X10 so the death sentence was always a possibility...

    You know, seeing all the reports on the news and newspapers and such like and I never even knew that it was taking place in Baghdad, I always thought it was in the USA, given how much influence they have had over the case.

    Can we hang George Bush too, have the pair of them up together like a double act or something?

    George W. Bush has no balls, or brains for that matter.

    Just in time for Election Day USA, what an odd coincidence.

    well originally they did say they will give saddam a fair trial..........followed by a public execution.

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    I thought the United Nations were over seeing this trial and surely they would never allow the death sentence?

    The UN, LoL

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    I don't get it X10? What's so funny?

    THE UN, it's Utter Nonsense.

    :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    The UN stands for Useless Nuts, is this correct?:thinking:

    Nuts have a use


    Nuts have a use

    What for eating :giggle:

    OOOH, I could go so many ways with this, you being a woman, but I'll leave it up to your imagination.

    The UN are virtually powerless...has proved by Bush on numerous occasions when he has just ignored them at will.

    It's not just Bush - Iranians are doing what they want, not even to mention Chinese and Russians. No one is paying any attention to UN.

    its ****in bullshit!!! geogre bush ****ed up iraq and now ****ed up saddam hussein


    I don't get it X10? What's so funny?

    I think all the above posts have said it for me really.
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