SAFC number plate ~~~Where can i get one???

    My dad has been after a getting a number plate with the sunderland badge on it, does anyone know where i can get one done ?,
    we have looked everywhere and i wanna get ione for him for his 50th bday.


    I'm sure the club shop used to do these, but off the top of my head I can't remember if they still do.


    A car accessory shop should do them

    Mackem! :-p

    Remember that they are not legal on road vehicles.;-)

    a certain r.keane has one on autotrader

    think someone on ebay does it.

    Loads of people do them on eBay, much cheaper than your local Autoparts shop. Do bear in mind that they aren't road legal though and if you get a copper on a bad day he could go quite OTT with it.

    Original Poster

    i found one on ebay thanks

    got my plates for both car and bike from advert in back of motorcycle news there are half a dozen firms that will do them for you hope this helps :santa:
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