Safe i5-2320 CPU temperatures?

Found 18th Jul 2012
Started video encoding just now and my i5-2320 desktop CPU is running at 100%

I've never run it at 100% before so I thought I'd check the temps. Noticed it was running at 77c and motherboard at 40c.

Thought 77 was too high so I cancelled the encoding just to be safe

Anyone know what the maximum safe tempreature for an i5 is? Can't find a lot of helpful articles online.
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I think the safest maxium temp tested by intel themselves is 72.6C
Yikes, guess I was right to cancel the encoding then. I wonder if there's a way to limit the CPU usage of Adobe Premiere Pro

No, you weren't right about cancelling, and you weren't right about … No, you weren't right about cancelling, and you weren't right about following (yet more) bad advice given out on these forums.It is running a bit too hot, and I'd look into why, possibly give the PC a clean and get some dust out, it won't cause damage though at those temps.

It's running a bit too hot because my CPU fan/sink is abysmal. I'm running a mini ITX and space for CPU sink was an issue when putting it together. My case airflow is probably better than most desktops so that isn't an issue.

I'd rather be safe than sorry so I'll have to find a way to limit Premiere Pro's performance

No, that is the Tcase and does not mean the maximum safe … No, that is the Tcase and does not mean the maximum safe temp. display your Tj. max which is the maximum, not the tcase.

Get yourself a decent cooler.…led

Had one of these on every pc ive built myself.
Intel CPU temperature is a complicated issue because the readings are neither direct nor precise so an amount of estimation is involved so to get even a semi-sensible answer you need to list the sensor you're reading from and the assumptions used in calculating the final temp. Anything that just gives you a simple 'CPU temperature' isn't very helpful.

The general recommendation for Sandy Bridge processors like yours seems to be download a program that give you the direct 'Distance/Deta to TJMax' reading from the processor, such as Real Temp, and keep that distance above about 20.

The point where you'd actually start worrying is when the CPU starts to throttle itself (refuses to run at normal speeds/voltages) as that would mean you were 10-20°C away from it shutting itself down entirely to prevent damage.
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