safe to buy a 2nd hand xbox one x?

Posted 20th Sep
Someone is selling a sealed xbox one x on gumtree and wanted to know is it a big risk? He has also offered to deliver it to me....
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You're going to need to boot it up, sign in, and use the disc drive before paying.
Would that be "deliver it to you after you've paid by bank transfer"? lol.
Two different questions really, one is "is it safe to buy a used Xbox One X?" and the answer is usually yes. And the other question is "is it safe to buy a sealed console from Gumtree?". Well that's a bit more tricky to decide, it depends. I'd want to be opening it and plugging it in before any money changed hands. How much is he selling it for?
Yeah I wouldn’t trust anyone selling a sealed anything on gumtree
Especially considering he is proactively offering to send the item, people sell on gumtree to avoid that side of the exchange. He would be selling on eBay otherwise...
I wouldn't worry too much about him wanting to deliver, at least it saves you the hassle of going to his. Make sure it's working, but sounds like the guy needs a sale and is doing his best to make a sale. Yes 2nd hand consoles will be fine, that where I got mine on Gumtree.
Ask the reason for selling and if they have a receipt etc. If they are genuine they won't mind answering your questions
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