Safe to hang a 42" tv off a plasterboard wall?

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Has any one had any experience with hanging tv's approx 10kg on a plastebaord wall.

With something like this?…avy

If so how well does it hold up?

Just I have a glass desk and a monitor going underneath so wouldn't be a pretty sight if it gives way.

Will be using these screws probabiliy like 12 of them…GHw

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Do not use those plasterboard fixings unless you want it to end in tears.

If you can locate a stud then use the bolts supplied, if that's not possible then hollow wall fixings is what you need, something similar to this…43p
The brackets are almost unimportant, what is important is the fixing to the wall. I have used these…5A2 to fix a tv, and heavy shelves to hold tools and drills etc all with no problem. The other option is to find the studs and screw into them - sounds good but pound to a penny they won't be in the right place.
Is the wall a stud wall or dot and dab onto brick ?
its a recently made attic conversion i had done all plasterboard and studs behind it.

will 1 stud be enough or best to try and get it inbetween two?
I have put that bracket on a plasterboard wall with a 42 inch very heavy older flat screen tv 20.5kg in my bedroom…509

what I did was make sure at least on side hit the wood and put two studs on the other but with that stand you should manage to hit both studs as it has holes go all along and its vesa
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i think i will give that a shot. i have limited space where i want to put it as the light switch and the door is to the left of where the tv is going. what wood would you recommend?
By wood i meant studs that hold the plasterboard up but of course you could get a big piece of board and fix it between the studs if the bracket does not fit and then fit the bracket to the board
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oh right i get what you meant i think the way my wall is once the stand is up i hit the beam in the middle of my stand. therefore i would have to fit the board or do it the other way you suggested, thanks for the help everyone glad i didn't decide to use them dodgy screws.
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