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Safe to Place External Hard-Drive on top of Xbox Series S?

Posted 29th Nov 2022
Hi Gaming/Tech Folks

So got a discounted Series S from the Amazon deal which I've had mounted behind the TV. I'm considering getting a portable 4TB Hard-Drive to store my digital Xbox games on but was wondering if it would be safe being kept on the back? Pic below. The vents wouldnt be affected but I was just concerned about overheating if anyone had any thoughts or past experiences? thanks all

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    Mine sits on top of the console quite happily. As long as no air intake nor exhaust vents are being covered I don’t see any problem.
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    Should be fine, I've done similar on ours I just used velcro to attach it - been working fine
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    Thanks @KodaBear @Blurryface

    Will go ahead and order one in then - velcro sounds like a smart idea too so will grab some bits so it sits fine
    I just mounted ours vertical on the white front panel, vertical may not be the best for a HDD but it's been fine so far.. have a drive connected to our TV that's been mounted vertical stuck to back of tv and it's been going strong over a year now lol
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    Do you need such a big drive given you can't play nearly all series s/x games off an external drive anyway.
    No but you can store your entire game library on there and quite quickly transfer it from HDD to SSD ready to play. It’s a great option if you don’t have ultrafast broadband
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