Safest type of external hard drive?

Found 21st Sep 2017
Hi all, in the market for an external hard drive around the 1TB/2TB size.
What is the safest most secure type of hard drive to go for? A portable one via usb or a powered one via the plug socket?
I've had a few usb ones in the past and have never been 100% fully confident with them, so just wanted to see what the general consensus is.
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A solid state drive is the safest but not the cheapest. You can buy alsorts of protected solid state media but cloud based storage is the safer.
Secure the drive with Bitlocker. Protect again failure / loss by having two drives.
If you're relying on your storage to keep data intact then you're setting yourself up for a fall.

The only safe option is multiple copies of the data. The only thing the reliability of a drive should be affecting is the cost to replace it.
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