SAGE Graphite fishing rods

    Could anyone that knows anything about fly fishing give me some advice please.

    My father in law has just died and i have been asked to sell on some of his more extravagant purchases.

    The first load of kit are 3 SAGE Graphite llle fishing roda. Apparently they are the best you can buy. I know that my father in law paid a lot of money for them.

    They are in a protective aluminium tube and come in a fabric "sock"?. They are in 4 peices and are exremely light. Not sure how old they are.

    They each have 8500 N.E Day rd, Bainbridge island, WA, 98110 on the screw in top of the protective tube.

    First one is Line 5 Length 10'0 Model XP5100-4

    Second one is Line 6 Length 10'0 Model XP 6100-4

    Thrid one is Line 7 Length 10'0 Model 7100-4

    Thanks everyone


    Original Poster

    rods, not roda (watching the footy instead of concentrating on my typing!!)

    you could try your local tackle shop, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

    They are very good rods.Not sure whether they are the XP range that are done by Sage.
    Sage have their own website so you could contact them.
    Being a second hand rod most people would want to look at them before purchasing. But I'd have one of you for a bargain price! :thumbsup:
    Sure to have reels as well to sell and other kit.
    Try a fly fishing forum after looking through everything.

    how much for one
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