Sage Journals - how to amend ledgers?

    Any bookkeepers around, I have to correct an assignment because i have used 2 different numbered ledgers for carriage (postal) and to do this I have to use Journals.

    I've only done a Journal once and that was a month or so ago, when my brother guided me through how to do it. I would ask him but he's at work until 5pm, so hoping someone here will know how to, and if you do can i have a "n00bs" guide to doing so.

    thanks in advance


    You need to debit the right code with the other amount and credit the wrong code to clear it out! Make sense?? :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    thought you had to debit and credit the bank also

    go into Nominal, then journals

    assuming the carriage is an expense then debit (left column) the correct account, and credit the wrong account

    journals are just a way of moving figures about - nothing to do with the bank
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