SAGEM HDL26 T or TP good price needed

    local tesco has the 32" at 599 inc freeview.

    Looking for something a bit smaller.
    Liked what I saw.


    I am a fan of this TV as well. Very swish looks and has some good reviews plus has HDMI included.

    Empire Direct used to do (until about 2 weeks ago) both versions of the 26" model.

    The HDL26TP used to go for around £511, whilst the HDL26TP2, which has an included freeview tuner + 80GB PVR was going for a mere £555.

    They're discontinued by Sagem, and are hard to come by nowadays. My Tesco has only the display models available for these models and won't be getting any more in.

    Shame, because they're real pretty!

    If you're really interested in this model, check it out here:…834

    But it's a whopping £769.99, oof!

    Better off with one of the new 26 inch Samsung models. They're not much more than £500 with all the HUKD savings.

    One of the TP2 is ending on ebay at 8pm tonight and is currently at £500 + £35 p&p.

    A bargain!

    Original Poster

    I looked on ebay and noticed a few good deals. Nervous about buying such a large item on ebay, would rather go through a reliable known dealer.
    Prices all over the place on the web some places still want a grand for the 32 and others the 26.

    I got the Sagem HD D50 DLP tv earlier this year. It is the best thing I've ever bought

    I noticed that [url][/url] were doing refurbs of that one for less than a grand.

    The quality of the display is very good for a rear projected telly, and the size of the screen is just massive, without it sitting inside a huge box like the old stylee.

    Did you get yours from aria?
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