Sagum MYX7 Phone broke?

    My daughters phone seems to have a software fault, its menu is slow to come up when switched on and then any button pushes are greeted with a delay of 30 seconds or more sometimes resulting in the phone just doing nothing.

    I am wondering if its got corupted software and that a reset or reinstal may fix it?

    I cant do a factory reset as I cant get that far in the menu's. Anyone know how much is usual to reinstal/reset the software? Its just over a year old (14months) isnt that always the way!




    Try going to some nokia unlocking shops (the sort of shop that sells cases for phones and watches and other bits which you can pick up on eBay for a few quid). Someone there may know. If you can't find one of these shops try going to a large market; there's usually a phone stall there. Maybe the network operator you are on can give you advice.


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    The Network pointed me at Sagem and they pointed me to their repairer who have a nasty habit of leaving the phone off the hook or lifting the reciever and putting it straight back down again!
    So its down the local market on the 24th to see who unlocks phones

    Cheers :thumbsup:

    a nasty habit of leaving the phone off the hook or lifting the reciever … a nasty habit of leaving the phone off the hook or lifting the reciever and putting it straight back down again!

    Sounds like my local Royal Mail!

    Sounds like a flash is in order for the handset. Your local market stall/shop should be able to do it but sometimes they charge an arm and a leg and it may not be worth it.

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    OK, tried the market, he couldnt do it (doesnt have the right kit) tried CPW for a laugh, they did just that! Tried the local shop that unlocks phones, they said they might be able to do it and that it would be £20 if it fixed it or not
    So it looks like its to the bin with it unless the Sagem approved repairers have a better phone attitude in the new year.

    ok cpw had no right to laugh the rules have changed recently am not to sure what they are now but most mobile where supplied with a 2 years warranty

    have u still got a receipt or proof of purchase

    i can have a go @ fixing it for you

    pm me if u need any help

    ps £20 sounds about right for a software upgrade

    unless you can buy the cables your self etc but i wouldnt chance u do that as i unlock/repair mobiles as a business and just the slightest mistake and ya got your self an exspensive paperweight

    ps. ill check up on the new rules 4 u

    but i swear it used to be a year and now its to it is for nokia's i no

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    Dub1, I didnt buy from CPW originally but from Woolworths. Sagem themselves told me from the serial that it was just out of warrantee.
    Unless its a reasonably cheap repair job (thank you for the offer ) it may not be worth while, which is a pity as its a nice phone and she has kept it like new.
    To replace it she is looking at a new Motorola V220 on O2 for £50. I have made her aware that its a discontinued phone but then so was her MX7



    By law, a product must last a reasonable amount of time and if you buy a mobile phone you expect it to last longer than a year, so you may still be entiled for Woolworths to repair, regardless of the warranty.

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    Yes I had forgotten that "fit for purpose" bit Jonny, I will trace the reciept and have another go in the new year

    do what i did but if you get be it at your own risk lol

    buy the same model in another woolworths swap the insides over (simple to do) take the broken one back to the shop and i no that 99% of the sales staff dont even check the imei's and then request your money back or if worse came to worse a credit note

    yet this may be breaking the law but so should be ripping people off lol

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    Not too happy with the swop inerds trick Dub1, but I did ring woolies local store to see if they would entertain repair under the sale of goods act (goods should last longer than 14months) they suggested their commitment ended at 12months so I rang Sagem again armed with the sale of goods act quotes, they were adament they would not move on the 12 months either.
    I rang Woolies customer services and they found my original order and are looking into what they can do for me re repair or replace. Its not worth me spending much more time on this as the phone calls will soon negate any value left, so I await Woolies response.

    good luck i didnt think u would like my idea hehehe but ya no you got to beat them @ there own game

    it wouldnt even cost sagem a single penny to reflash your phone as the software is there anyways so doing one phone wouldnt break them

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    And the reply from Woolies was...NO we cant do anything for you after the 12 months is over.

    Nice looking paper weight now

    only option left is to spend the day and try a few woolies cos you never no maybe somewere there is a sales assistant with a heart

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    I just bought her a recon Samsung E720 from O2 student site instead, hope she likes it

    there a good phone just be carefull with the sound quality

    i would fo went for the nokia 3230 my self

    by the way have a look on ebay for a cable for your phone there only cheap and ill send you the software to flash the phone your self if you wanted to give it a go what you got to lose

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    Seems I still have a paperweight. I got a lead and software, the phone is found on com4 for about 3seconds then its lost again and the software scans for it all over again.
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