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Posted 19th Sep 2014
Just come back from Sai, literally ran out!!! You think the Next sales are bad?! Try the Sai Fashions sale!!
Well its not much of a sale really they are importers and wholesalers, they buy in bulk, slap a sale tag on and sell to the frenzied mob.
Years ago I worked in a store which git its stock from Sai Fashions the cost price of most of these outfits were £7 £8 £9..
we would sell these for £20.00 £25.00
Sai Fashions have these dresses on for similar or more and people think they are getting a bargain when in fact its Sai Fashion who are profitting
needless to say I still go and sometimes pick up a few bargain
most are just rubbish wear it once wash it and it ends up looking like a dogs dinner, colour runs, wrinkles up badly etc
Did anybody else go and get squashed by big wide loads??
if they weren't shiving you with their elbows or squashing you with their bums then they werewhacking you with their huge handbags ( deadbodies in em??! )

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#sorry for spelling mistakes etc
I hate the look on there face. They push you like you're came to beg.
I travel 1 hour to get there and this time I'm not going.
regarding the quality it is fine and I got a bargain really cos 1 suit was £10 and I use it for work. The £30 -£40 are the other types I buy too for Eid etc.
I hate sai fashions. Thy never ever have a SALE on. They have no idea what that word means. It's pointless going there.

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