Sainsbury 25% off tu range

    Been to sainsburys today aand spent £100 on tu range clothes and now i have learnt that next week there is 25% off this range does anybody know if there is anything stopping me from going to customer services asking for a refund and then saying i want to purchase again at new price as all the clothes still have labels on


    Ha, i would be cheeky and try something! Possibly say you bought them as present for someone but got the wrong size etc or some story like that!


    Ring them and ask them.

    Last year I bought a maxi dress reduced from £25 to £12.50 - I decided to take it back cos I had bought so much stuff at the time and when I did it scanned at £2 :w00t: - the silly woman wouldn't let me buy it again, I am wondering though if this hadn't something to do with it being her size :x

    Found another on the rail which was one size smaller but happened to fit me better than the one I took back anyway, so yah boo sucks to you fat customer service lady

    i would do it at work for people as long as they hav there orignal recipt. depends if you get someone in a gd mood or not i suppose lol
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