Sainsbury half price toy sale , worth the trip or not?

Found 9th Sep 2012
Hi, just wondering if anyone on here can advise if the half price sainsbury toy sale is worth a visit or not?.i know it's still a while away but planning ahead!.The nearest one to us is about 25 miles away and never normally visit , if anyone who has been can let me know what they thought it would be most appreciated! Thanks !.
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Get there very early or else it's slim pickings from my experience
All toys in-store will be half price, this usually happens around mid-october, you won't be able to reserve anything, will have to fight off the masses of bitchy mothers with prams getting in everyones way. You will only pick up around half of what you will hope to get, then will blame Sainsbury's.
I'd agree with tinkerbell, I've been instore (usually forgotten its on!) and been pleasantly surprised with some bargains (last year I had a few dr who / playmobil bits) but generally everything good gets snatched by people wielding 6 trolleys each, its a scary experience!
Yeah have to admit it can be a little scary, some people are just mad.

Do get there very early and you can pick up little bargains, definately worth a trip.

Anyone any ideas when it is on this year?
I think I will give it a try , will try and arrive early .If it is anything like as scary as the next half price sale then I'll be fine, have managed to survive the mad masses in there!.I think it's meant to be during the October school hols? ,thanks for the advice , will take the hubby's shin pads just in case! X)
Agree with others, it has got worse over the years. Definitly best to get as early as possible, although they do tend to keep stocking up throughout the days, it can also be good to get there just before closing. It's good for Lego and I also got lots of Sylvanian stuff last year too. Also Barbie things work out quite good. Last year they did do some stuff online, although it wasn't everything and it went OOS quickly.
Why do they do it during the holidays , it means i can't pop there without the kids in tow (_;)
agree with others here there are some good bargains but others not so, last year for exp. got a zhu zhu pet for £4.99 but have since picked them up in other sales/promo's for £2-3ish.....would still go but have an idea of what you want
If you have lots of toys to buy and want it all done in one go then it's definately worth it. If you want lots you need to get there early though before the store opens. I have been for the last 2 years and not been disappointed
Apparently I just read on another site from someone who works in Sainsburys - there's no toy sale this year!!! :0(
my friend who works for them told me today it may start next week and she is a manager
it starts first thing wednesday the 24th October.
So this half price toy sale is starting on Wednesday this year?

So this half price toy sale is starting on Wednesday this year?

If I recall right it has for the last few years.
the dandy p

it starts first thing wednesday the 24th October.


So this half price toy sale is starting on Wednesday this year?

all the toys are not half price some are only 25% off
Last few years this sale has started on Thursday morning in stores. Is this the same for this year?
the dandy p

Been a few times get loads of bargains only if your 1st in que there when it opens, does any one know opening time usually 6am?
the toy sale isnt very good at all this year only 25 % off you can still pick up a bargain
I ended up not going , really couldn't decide if it was worthwhile , bit gutted that I missed the barbie house and ship online :(, does anyone know if stock normally comes back online?
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