Sainsbury's - 50p cashback now available on every grocery shop with TopCashBack

Just saw this in the TCB newsletter - it's not earth-shattering, but for people who regularly shop online at Sainsbury's it's worth quite a few bob over the year.
Sainsbury's Groceries Exclusive New Deal!

ALL Top CashBack members can now exclusively earn 50p cashback when ordering groceries at Sainsbury's! This offer includes subsequent orders as well as first-time shops!

This offer effectively works out at over 1% cashback on grocery orders up to £50! Get your shopping delivered today!

It's not yet showing on Quidco, but it says 'exclusive' so may never appear there, which is why I'm posting - many people will only check Quidco and therefore miss out. You get £5 on Quidco for your first order, so best do the first one there, and subsequent orders at TCB.

I suspect this might get moved to 'misc', but hopefully it'll be left as a deal for no other reason than the fact that more Sainsbury's shoppers are likely to see it there!



the only problem i see is sainsbury is more expensive than their counterparts so unless you live in an area that only has sainsbury deliver its no saving really


Moved to MISC as this is cashback info rather than a deal, thanks


Darn I love sainsburys and only missed out by a couple of years. I find prices to be pretty good compared to adsa where I also shop - best thing is that they do real reductions at the end of the day I.e.80%+ off rather than the token 15-20% my local tesco try and get away with.

Soz to bump such old thread but was sure there was some type of delivery deal with these peeps.
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