Sainsbury’s and Argos rollout FREE sunflower lanyards in all stores for customers with hidden disabilities

Posted 8th Oct 2019
Amazing idea and great to see it's now been rolled out to Argos and Sainsbury's stores nationwide!.

''Following a successful trial earlier this year, the initiative offers shoppers the option to pick up a sunflower lanyard in store, which has been purposely designed to act as a discreet sign for store colleagues that they may need to provide a customer with additional support.

Colleagues will be happy to provide extra support such as assisting with finding shopping items or simply giving customers more time at the checkout. Lanyards will be available to collect for free and are for each customer to keep so they can use it every time they come into store.

The sunflower design is now recognised by a number of organisations across the UK and was initially adopted by Gatwick Airport, whom Sainsbury’s worked closely with throughout the trial. By using the same design, it means customers have the option to use their lanyard in shops across the UK, in the knowledge that store colleagues will recognise what it stands for.''


''This is not a deal but may benefit so many people who are unaware of the scheme, so I hope it’s allowed and I hope it’s not been posted before (I couldn’t find anything)

What is the sunflower lanyard scheme?

Supported by charities including RNIB, Alzheimer’s Society, The National Autistic Society and Action on Hearing Loss - sunflower lanyards can let others know if you have hidden disabilities.
The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) said, “If you have a disability that may not be immediately obvious but would appreciate support from staff in airports or supermarkets, then you may be interested to know there is a lanyard you can wear to signal this.

“The lanyard, which is entirely voluntary for people with hidden disabilities and their families, acts as a discreet sign for staff that additional support or help may be required.”

How does the sunflower lanyard work for people with hidden disabilities?

If you’re wearing a lanyard, staff can offer you help but won’t know what your individual disability and needs are. Just let them know what they can do.

The support that can be provided with a lanyard includes:

*more time at the checkout
*packing your bags
*speaking face-to-face to allow lip reading
*using clear and easy to understand language
*help with hard-to-reach products
*making others aware a person may be struggling or have behavioural issues.

Which hidden disabilities are eligible for a sunflower lanyard?

The types of hidden disabilities that are eligible for a sunflower lanyard include:

*autism and Asperger’s
*learning disabilities
*mobility issues (e.g arthritis, MS, ME, chronic illness)
*visual or hearing impairments

Who are using the sunflower lanyards?
All major airports are using them and now Sainsburys have introduced them too, with a roll out expected in M&S and Tesco.

Where can you get a lanyard?
Ask at customer services in your local Sainsburys where you can collect one for free.

You can also order online from…tml where it will cost you 55p + p&p and you can also find more info from their website''

Credit for all this info above goes to @CalamitySue (Thank you )
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