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Found 12th May 2010

Has any one used the Sainsbury Calais wine ordering, just had a look and there appears to be some pretty good deals e.g. Box wine Hardy's Banrock Station Shiraz Mataro 3L £7.69.

It says
Start shopping now by browsing our extensive selection of wines, beers and spirits. You can search for a product by typing a name or product type in the search box or you can browse through the aisles and shelves on the left hand side.

Please note we do not offer delivery of products or accept payment on line.

You have to order at least 100 days before you pick up your order, the earliest date you can pick up your order is 20/08/2010 . Promotions are valid at the time of collection, not at the time of ordering.

Prices given here are based on EUR1.00 to £0.92 and are intended as guidelines, so the exact total of your bill will depend on the rate of exchange on the day you pick up and pay for your order.

Once you've made your selection and pressed the 'order' button, the form will be emailed direct to us. We will have your selection ready and waiting for payment and collection at the Calais store at the time of your visit.

I guess I have to factor in petrol and ferry crossing, but I could get alot of booze in a zafira, anyone had any experiences they would like to share, or can suggest a better wholesaler over there
Thanks now
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It sounds ridiculous. Why would you use it?

It sounds ridiculous. Why would you use it?

well the box of wine I quoted above is around £17 in tescos but its under £8 from Sainsburys, just thought I could get around 100 boxes in my boot, but wouldnt bother if it had bad reviews etc
but why would you order and wait 100 days when you can just drive to france, nip to the nearest store/shop/sainsburys hypermarket - what ever you wanna call it and purchase whatever you want lol ?
I havnt done a trip like this for sometime, but from memory Tesco was better value. Thats in city europe. I didnt think there was much of a saving to be had these days though. Good luck.

Lots of info on here!
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