Sainsburys Entertainment

    Ha anyone had problems or to be exact lack of supply of ordered items from Sainsbury Entertainment, i placed a couple of orders for lines shown as in stock, then about 1 or in the latest case 2 weeks later, got a sorry we have no stock email.

    anyone else having / had poblems

    ( have put under misc sorry if in wrong place)


    Have you contacted Sainsburys Entertainment?


    Reviews on here say it … Reviews on here say it all......[url=][/url]

    You want this one....…ews ....the other one makes them look good. lol
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    You want this one.... … You want this one.... ....the other one makes them look good. lol

    cheers Sy, did wonder why it was lower than when I posted how crap they are, so I posted again lol X)

    I placed an order with them about a month ago and had nothing, the website still shows order processing. I've contacted them twice, both times told to expect a call back about the order, of course no phone call.

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    thanks, also for the link to merchant reviews had not been there beforre, at least it not just me!

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    how can i close this down please
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