Sainsburys Entertainment-Has anyone had problems with their website?

    Has anyone had any problems with the Sainsburys Entertainment site (not the 'regular' Sainsburys site) recently?
    On the 9th Dec I tried to order some items but had terrible problems accessing the site,registering and things dissapearing from my basket.
    After several hours I gave up.
    I've just emailed them to ask why and they said there hadn't been any problems and suggested it was my browser perhaps being out of date.I had used three different computers with up to date
    browsers!They even said that they couldn't find the account I registered.
    I'm sure I wasn't the only one having problems?



    The words "sainsburys-entertainment" , "wouldn't" , "Touch" , "barge" and "pole" will shortly be appearing together, in the same sentence

    One of the worst online retailers i have come across.
    Check out the various posts on how many orders have been cancelled by them. The problem is that it is operated by a third party is not tied with the Sainsbury (the supermarket).
    Don't risk buying anything hoping it will be here by Christmas.

    Perhaps they're too busy with Morrisons -…ble

    Had way too many problems with them this wk alone, have cancelled all my pending orders & taken my services elsewhere lol

    Ignore: Just bumping up my sidebar thingy.

    Recent very poor experience. Order for out of stock book taken. Succession of confusing emails explaining web problems, in stock, out of stock, la la la. It meant they held on to my money for 2 days.

    AVOID like German beansprouts.
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